TwoZero's 2-Way QR Code Scanning at the Lenovo Accelerate 2023 in the Philippines

Deliver a More Fun, Engaging, and Efficient Event Experience with TwoZero QR Code Scanning

The recent Lenovo Accelerate 2023 “Powering Transformation with Smarter partnership” wowed attendees with the incredible capabilities of TwoZero's 2-Way QR Code Scanning technology.

By harnessing the potential of QR codes, TwoZero Live transformed event management, networking, and engagement. In this article, we explore the exciting benefits experienced at the Lenovo Conference, including streamlined check-in, instant networking, captivating digital product displays, effortless lead generation, convenient feedback collection, comprehensive data gathering, seat number verification, and real-time statistics.

Let's dive into the highlights!

What are the benefits of using QR codes for events in the Philippines?

  • Streamlined Event Registration and Check-in
  • Instant Networking
  • Captivating Digital Product Displays
  • Convenient Feedback Form Response Collection
  • Comprehensive Data Gathering and Real-time Stats

Here is how Lenovo maximized TwoZero’s 2-Way QR Code Scanning for their event:

Streamlined Event Registration and Check-in

At the Lenovo Conference, attendees enjoyed a stress-free check-in experience, thanks to TwoZero Live's QR scanning. With just a 2-second simple scan of their QR codes, participants skipped long lines and cumbersome registration processes, gaining swift access to conference sessions, exhibitions, and networking opportunities. Hassle-free check-in with ID printing in just 7-seconds.

Instant Networking

Networking reached new heights at the Lenovo Conference through TwoZero Live's QR scanning. Attendees effortlessly connected and exchanged contact information by scanning QR codes. By eliminating manual data entry and the need for business cards, connections were forged seamlessly, fostering valuable relationships and enabling exciting collaborative opportunities among participants.

Captivating Digital Product Displays

The Lenovo Conference mesmerized attendees with captivating digital product displays powered by TwoZero Live. Lenovo utilized QR codes linked to their catalogs, brochures, videos, and interactive content. Scanning these codes allowed visitors to dive deep into product information, creating an immersive and engaging exhibition experience that surpassed traditional displays.

Convenient Feedback Form Response Collection

Gathering feedback became a breeze at the Lenovo Conference with TwoZero Live's QR scanning. Strategically placed QR codes directed attendees to surveys, questionnaires, and feedback forms. By simply scanning these codes, participants provided instant feedback, empowering organizers with valuable insights for future conferences and enhancing overall attendee satisfaction.

How can you use QR Codes to improve your event’s ROI?

Comprehensive Data Gathering and Real-time Stats

TwoZero Live's QR scanning at the Lenovo Conference went beyond check-in and feedback collection. Attendees utilized QR codes to gather event-related data, verify seat numbers, and access real-time statistics on session attendance, popular speakers, and other essential metrics. This data-driven approach enriched the conference experience and enabled organizers to analyze attendee behavior for future event planning.

The recent Lenovo Conference showcased the remarkable benefits of TwoZero Live's QR scanning technology. From streamlined check-in and effortless networking to captivating digital product displays, easy lead generation, convenient feedback collection, comprehensive data gathering, and real-time statistics, TwoZero Live elevated the in-person event experience. Embracing the power of QR scanning unlocks the full potential of events, creating seamless and engaging experiences for all participants.

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