Transform Your Product Launch with TwoZero.Live: A Guide to Unforgettable Brand Experiences Inspired by Havaianas

Havaianas exemplified the power of modern marketing with their recent Slides launch in the Philippines.

Havaianas, known for combining comfort and style, recently launched their new Slides collection with a focus on the campaign theme, "Comfort and Style to go Wild." Havaianas partnered with TwoZero.Live to take their product launch to the next level with curated games and a photo booth to immerse attendees in the campaign's spirit. This excitement went beyond the event, playing a key role in achieving the brand's overall marketing goals.

How to Use TwoZero.Live to Create an Unforgettable Brand Experience

Drawing inspiration from Havaianas' successful implementation, let's explore how you can leverage TwoZero.Live to create an unforgettable brand experience for your next product launch or event:

Guest playing the TwoZero AR Catching Game at the Havaianas Slides LaunchTwoZero AR Photo Booth and Gallery at the Havaianas Slides LaunchTwoZero NFC Card Technology at the Havaianas Slides Launch

The Havaianas Slides Launch serves as a testament to the power of TwoZero.Live in creating interactive brand experiences that resonate with audiences. By incorporating interactive AR games, an AR photo booth, and an interactive AR brochure, Havaianas successfully captured the essence of their brand and created a lasting impression on their guests. Embrace the transformative potential of event technologies and elevate your next product launch or event with TwoZero.Live.

About TwoZero.Live

TwoZero Live is an all-in-one Events Technology Platform based in the Philippines. Our technologies include QR Code for Event Registration, NFC ID Cards, Augmented Reality Event Experiences, AR Photo Booth, AR Brochure, Interactive Invite, Brandable Games, Raffles, Randomizers and more for product launches, brand activations, corporate events, conventions, conferences, summits, expos, trade shows. TwoZero.Live is where successful events happen.

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