TwoZero’s First Virtual Event – IMAP 46th Annual Midwives Convention

IMAP 46th Annual Midwives Convention by Hotsauce Inc.

Event Details



IMAP guest were not familiar with the techonology yet.

TwoZero designed an intuitive platform that any type of guest can easily use.

IMAP guests had limited access to the internet and were only using low-spec mobile devices.

We made the website optimized to load fast using mobile data, on all browsers and on any device—laptop, tablet and mobile (both Android and iOS).

IMAP wanted an event exclusive for their members

We developed a Flexible Onboarding and Event Registration Processes for any different event types and requirements.

IMAP wanted to provide value to their Sponsors during the virtual event.

TwoZero offered Multiple Sponsored Activities and Brandable Experiences inside the event website that wowed guests and sponsors alike!

Who is IMAP?

Integrated Midwives Association of the Philippines (IMAP) is an organization that gathers around 7,000 guests, across the Philippines, for their Annual Convention. Well known brands sponsored talks and exhibited their products during the event.

In 2020, the pandemic put a stop to physical event which threw them for a loop. Despite these challenges, they were able to push the 3-day annual convention that gathered around 87,000 site visits with the help of our TwoZero Virtual and Hybrid Events platform!

Read more to see how we did it.

Vector Illustration depicting virtual events access

TwoZero Live's Virtual Event Solutions

1. We designed an intuitive platform that IMAP guests found very Easy to Use and Quick to Navigate on their preferred devices.

IMAP was worried that their members may have difficulty using the virtual events technology. In response, we made a straightforward navigation and designed an intuitive user flow.

By putting the Live Talks as a home page, we were able to engage them with real-time chat box. A quick call-to-action from the speakers and the host smoothly transitioned the "foot traffic" to Sponsored Booth Exhibits!

2. TwoZero Live was optimized to enable the guests to load the virtual event fast using their mobile data on all browsers and devices

One of the challenges for this event was optimizing the platform so that guests with low spec devices and/ or limited access to the internet would still have access to the talks and sponsor exhibits.

We have optimized the website to load on any device and the end result is the event loaded fast on all the attendee’s devices.

Guests were able to access all features via laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. This ensured an amazing event experience for IMAP's guests anytime, anywhere.

3. TwoZero Live provided IMAP's event organizers flexibility for the onboarding and registration process

Because IMAP's annual convention was for members only, we developed a powerful admin dashboard where event organizers could send invitations manually or by registration —making both intimate events and public events possible!

This allowed IMAP to keep the event private and limit access to guests of their choosing.

Furthermore, we have since made logging in more convenient for users through the use of unique magic links which gives guests a maximum of 5-days before being logged out!

IMAP First Ever Virtual Event 2020
Welcoming Remarks of Integrated Midwives Association of the Philippines (IMAP) 2020

4. TwoZero Live created valuable virtual event experiences for IMAP's sponsors by generating leads through live talks and interactive booth experiences

Aside from creating amazing experiences for their guests, we wanted to ensure the platform gives value to IMAP's event partners and sponsors.

We did this through providing interactive talks sponsors could avail and 3D virtual booth experience that wowed the guests. These activities generated leads for exhibitors.

Since then, we have continued to put out new features that made the platform more engaging and exciting for guests and sponsors.

Here are some of the activities you could add to your sponsor packages for their talks or booths to gain more leads and engagements:

IMAP Booth Virtual Event 2020

Live Talk Interactions

  • Live Chat, Polling, and Q&A
  • Branded Emojis

Booth Activities

  • 360 Booth Experience
  • Inquiry Tablet and Real-Time Chat Linking
  • Product Flyers, Banners, Posters with Website Linking and Embedding
  • Interactive TV or LED Walls for Videos and Promotions
  • Photo Booths, Games and 360 Tours

The Results

IMAP was able to launch a successful virtual event that guests were able to navigate with ease and sponsors found valuable. But don't listen to us, hear what our client had to say!

“We had a very pleasant experience with the team. Very accommodating and helpful. Responds immediately to queries. Given the pilot run, I'd say you did really well. Thanks very much and until our next project!”
Hot Sauce Communications Incorporated Logo
- Alma, Hotsauce Communications Inc.
“Congratulations to your team for an amazing job! Thank you for going above and beyond to make sure this event will be a success. Here’s to more projects in the future!”
Hot Sauce Communications Incorporated Logo
- Alexa, Hotsauce Communications Inc.
“Thank you TwoZero Team for your patience and support. Thanks to everyone especially the onsite support team!”
Hot Sauce Communications Incorporated Logo
- Nikko, Hotsauce Communications Inc.

Furthermore, we were able to record some impressive numbers from our own website analytics:


  • 31,000 Chat messages
  • 35,000 Live stream views
  • 15,000 Sponsored Booth visits
  • 35,000 Booth Interactions from guests
  • 2,200 Leads from Booth inquiries

Event Platform Accessibility

  • 88% of the guests accessed TwoZero on mobile devices.
  • 7,000 guests from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao were able to attend the Virtual Event

All these stats were summarized into a concise post-event report for both event organizer and brand sponsors convenient review and internal presentation.

Who are we?

TwoZero Live is a Virtual and Hybrid Events Platform based in the Philippines that can cater to virtual events, digital events, online events, and hybrid events. It can host different types of events such as product launches, media events, internal corporate events and parties, sales rallies, conferences, conventions, expos and tradeshows. TwoZero Live is where successful virtual and hybrid events happen.

What is next for Virtual Events?

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