Press Play: Home Credit’s 2021 Hybrid Year-End Party

How Home Credit, in partnership with TwoZero Live, hosted its successful company-wide Hybrid Christmas Party.
Even in this pandemic, nothing can shake the Filipino holiday spirit.

Gatherings and events are being celebrated virtually and some even go the hybrid way. Christmas parties are no exception to this.

On 10 December 2021, Home Credit Philippines, in partnership with TwoZero Live, gathered their workforce of 13,000 employees to ring in the holiday season with a Squid Game-themed Christmas Party dubbed Paskong Home Credit.

With 13,000 expected online participants, the biggest question was how to make the employees feel connected despite celebrating the Year-End Party away from each other for the second time.

Home Credit Year End Party Hybrid Platform TwoZero
To keep the party fun and enjoyable for the employees, here are some engaging activities that are sure to keep the participants wanting more:

Photo Booth

No event is complete without a photo booth to capture fun memories with friends and colleagues!

In addition, attendees may also choose between a handful of digital photo frames designed with the popular Netflix show’s signature elements. Best of all, getting the images is made fuss-free, with only an email address required. The photos will be sent directly to the user’s inbox for them to use however they please (also instantly shareable on Facebook and Twitter).

Home Credit Year End Party Hybrid Event Photo Booth
Home Credit Year End Party Hybrid Event Photo Booth Frames

Live Chat

During the event proper, the live stream included a live chat where attendees can communicate with one another and show reactions to what is happening in real time.

This also helps build healthy work relationships and allows the participants - usually company employees - to interact through their screens. In the time of limited face-to-face relations, hybrid events play a vital role in strengthening camaraderie and keeping a safe work environment.

Emoji Reactions

Using emoji and branded stickers, participants can respond and interact with the hosts and performers while they are being shown in the live stream. With just a click, you will be able to send instant reactions to the program. Each guest clicked the emojis at least 5x.

For speakers, employers, or even event managers, this is helpful in knowing which parts gain the most interactions in real-time so that you can sustain the participants’ energy and participation as you go.

Themed and branded event elements are also great for staying on-trend with pop culture as well as a good way for event-goers to share on their social media pages. For this particular party, Home Credit used the popular Netflix series Squid Game - and it was a sure hit with the participants!

TwoZero Hybrid Event Home Credit Live Stream Reactions


A Squid Game party isn’t complete without challenging games, right? Everyone can participate and enjoy games prior to the live session to bring out the competitive spirit of the employees before the party starts!

To add, you may also get the additional Leaderboard feature that will surely up the ante and bring out friendly competition - which is helpful in building healthy work connections!


You can wear virtual badges when attending talks and accomplishing tasks within the virtual event grounds. What makes this even better (aside from having bragging rights among your colleagues) is that the company can choose to incentivise certain activities and you can reap rewards for them!

Level Up Virtual Event Experience

For the first time ever, Home Credit utilized a virtual event platform for their company Christmas event and it was a surefire blast among everyone that attended. A far cry from their experience in hosting virtual events via MS Teams, TwoZero’s event is better especially with the engagement tools listed above.

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