Canadian and Hello Dolly's first ever Hybrid Trade Show Event in the Philippines

Canadian and Hello Dolly partners up with TwoZero Live for their first ever Hybrid Trade Show

The pandemic has transformed the event industry in more ways than one. Canadian and Hello Dolly also experienced this shift and had to adapt to the new event landscape. This 2022, they are back with a more innovative event experience with the new TwoZero Hybrid Platform. “Hybrid is the future of events” shared by Anil Daryani, the president of Hello Dolly, who is leading this year’s trade show.

The 14th Annual Trade Show launched its very first Hybrid Event last September 13-15, 2022. Canadian and Hello Dolly, in partnership with TwoZero Live, leveled up the trade show experience for their clients who have attended the 3-day event.

What are the best hybrid events practices you can follow?

1. Find the best registration process for your event

Here's how TwoZero did it:

With Canadian and Hello Dolly’s existing registration process in place, TwoZero made sure to retain the same process while making the integration of the registered guest list to the hybrid platform seamless through built-in systems. Each registered guest received digital invites and unique QR codes for the event.

TwoZero also has other registration systems that can be customized depending on your event needs.Go with a platform that provides multiple options for registration that would suit your event type. Best if tracking of attendance from both virtual and in-person guests can be automated for a combined event analytics.

To automate attendance checking, QR scanning stations were placed at the reception area where guests can scan their unique QR code to confirm attendance. It only took 2 seconds for guests to confirm their attendance which made the start of their whole event journey hassle-free.

If you don’t have the hardware for the scanning station, TwoZero Live provides a 2-way scanning system for events with an option to display QR codes in the venue that guests can scan using their TwoZero Scanner. All scanners and QR codes are generated instantly through the TwoZero Hybrid Platform.

“The Scanning Stations made our registration and attendance checking process seamless and easy for all our guests attendees.”

- Anil, President of Hello Dolly
TwoZero Hybrid QR Code Scanning

2. Encourage participation from both virtual and in-person guests through added activations

One of the questions that’s always asked with regards to a hybrid social event is “How do we re-create the same in-person experience to the virtual experience?”

TwoZero Live launched the new Engagement Walls! These event engagements cater to all types of attendees. Yes! Accessible for both in-person and virtual guests.

For Canadian and Hello Dolly, the interactive display of choice is the Emoji Wall. The top priority for any trade show event is the guests! What better and cooler way to know how they feel than an Emoji Wall as their mood tracker.

Each emoji represents different feedback from the guests: A logo of this year’s theme Proudly Pinoy, heart hand emoji to show love for the product display, raising hands emoji used as a celebratory expression and other cute face emojis to show their excitement for the event.

TwoZero Engagement Wall - Emoji Wall Event Reactions

Each registered guest reacted at least thrice using the TwoZero Hybrid platform. With each click, emojis were displayed instantly and animated on a large LED screen in the venue which encouraged other guests to participate and share their feedback too.

TwoZero Engagement Walls also has Interactive Displays for Emoji, Poll, and Q&A perfect for Corporate Events, Conferences, and Conventions.

3. Make it more memorable with a Social Wall

Home Credit Year End Party Hybrid Event Photo Booth
Home Credit Year End Party Hybrid Event Photo Booth Frames

Photographs are where the best memories are kept. In the Philippines, a photo booth is one of the must-haves for every type of event!

How did TwoZero Live upgrade the photo booth experience?
TwoZero Live made the photo-taking experience more social and disruptive with the TwoZero Social Wall.

The Social Wall allows in-person and virtual guests to snap a photo and share it on an animated gallery displayed in the event venue. It also allows guests to download and share their photos on social media.

Canadian and Hello Dolly Trade Show had a physical photo booth in the venue but guests still used the Social Wall to see their photos projected instantly on the large screen. The Social Wall also allowed clients outside the venue to still be a part of the Annual Trade Show.

If you are looking for a unique and interactive display for your event, make sure to check TwoZero Social Wall.

4. Analyze event performance through a comprehensive report

It’s important to identify strengths and points for improvements to upgrade your guest experience especially for events happening annually. Aside from feedback forms, a more accurate way to measure your event’s success is through analytics.

TwoZero Live provides a comprehensive event report

Organizers from Canadian and Hello Dolly had access to event data and analytics to track real-time engagement from the guests. TwoZero Live makes reading analytics easier to understand through a comprehensive report interpreting not just the numbers but also the possible meaning behind the numbers.

Here are some of the stats we have gathered during the event:

In organizing the best hybrid event, a seamless experience and engaging activities will be your best companion.

Watch the video below to know how TwoZero Live created a successful Hybrid Trade Show Event for Canadian and Hello Dolly!

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