Embracing the Future: How Brands Can Incorporate Technology into Events

Learn from FWD Innovation Fest’s Tech-Forward Event with TwoZero.Live

FWD Life Insurance launched their Innovation Fest in collaboration with TwoZero.Live, aligning the event's theme of innovation with their mission to revolutionize the insurance industry in the Philippines. This exciting event showcased FWD's commitment to innovation and set a new standard for how brands can leverage technology to elevate their events moving forward.

Incorporating Technology into Your Events

FWD's Innovation Fest was a testament to the seamless integration of technology and creativity, from NFC technology for registration to its utilization for digital business cards. FWD's approach ensured the launch of a tech-forward event, leaving a lasting impression on attendees. To help brands tap into the tech-savvy realm of event planning, here are two easy ways from TwoZero.Live on how to incorporate technology into events:

Digital Components

Digitize the conventional aspects of your events. FWD Life Insurance's shifted from manual registration and check-in procedures with TwoZero.Live's QR code Registration. This transition has significantly reduced event check-in time to just 7 seconds, ensuring a more efficient event process. It also allows for precise tracking of event attendance. Brands can now monitor real-time user data, check-ins, and user engagement through a dedicated dashboard, providing valuable insights for enhanced event management.

TwoZero NFC Card Technology at FWD Innovation Fest 2023

Interactive Experiences

Capture your attendee’s interest through interactive experiences. In addition to simplifying the check-in process, the NFC card played a dual role as a digital business card at the FWD Innovation Fest. Tapping the NFC card on an NFC-enabled mobile device instantly displayed attendee contact details and can be saved directly to the device for faster networking. The positive response led each attendee utilizing the NFC card up to 4× during this period, as evidenced by the scanning statistics recorded on the platform’s dashboard.

TwoZero.Live successful showcased the fusion of technology and creativity. By seamlessly incorporating digital elements such as QR code registration and NFC technology for digital business cards, FWD set a new standard for tech-forward events. As the industry continues to evolve, TwoZero.Live’s cutting-edge technologies encourage brands to explore forward-thinking strategies to enhance their event experiences. Elevate your event experiences and explore these innovative solutions with TwoZero.Live.

About TwoZero.Live

TwoZero Live is an all-in-one Events Technology Platform based in the Philippines. Our technologies include QR Code for Event Registration, NFC ID Cards, Augmented Reality Event Experiences, AR Photo Booth, AR Brochure, Interactive Invite, Brandable Games, Raffles, Randomizers and more for product launches, brand activations, corporate events, conventions, conferences, summits, expos, trade shows. TwoZero.Live is where successful events happen.

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