The Future of Events in the Philippines: Virtual and Hybrid Events

With the rise of virtual and hybrid events in the Philippines, TwoZero Live will equip your brand with the essentials for a successful virtual event without breaking the bank.

While the global pandemic caused face-to-face events to halt and the events industry to falter, brands and organizers are forced to adhere to the ‘new’ normal: online events, corporate trade shows, and expos.

In the Philippines, TwoZero Live has all the essentials your brand will need to hold a successful virtual event. Keeping in mind every detail that makes for an outstanding event, TwoZero has made sure that the platform is ready to cater to your brand from preparations to the actual live event and even beyond turnover.

TwoZero Virtual and Hybrid Events Philippines

Virtual Events: The New Normal

As quickly as COVID-19 stopped any real-life social interactions, event technology started evolving. The impact of the pandemic has now transformed into a rapid growth in the industry with the increase of brands and companies adapting to the Internet and hosting events such as corporate expos and trade shows in the comfort of their homes. 

Planning your virtual event starts with identifying what you want to accomplish. Although no two events are the same, here are some core questions you need to ask yourself in order to achieve your goal of a successful virtual and hybrid event:

  • What type of virtual event is suitable for the brand/company?
  • What makes a virtual event successful and hassle-free for both participants and hosts?
  • How can I make the virtual event more engaging?
  • What’s next for virtual events?

What Are The Different Types of Virtual Events?

Organizing your virtual event includes finding the right type of event to choose that will deliver successful results in line with your goals. From exclusive events to large-scale expos that can accommodate up to thousands of attendees, TwoZero can cater to your needs and provide the utmost assistance for a fruitful event lifecycle. 

The events platform will provide you with the fundamentals that make for an outstanding event such as Live Talks, Q&A’s, custom brand Emojis, Virtual Booths, Photobooths, Games, and other features.

What Do I Need to Host a Successful Virtual Event?

Just like in-person events, a lot of work goes into organizing and executing a virtual event. From preparations to the actual event proper, it’s imperative to know the following attributes that make up your ultimate objective: A successful virtual event.

Highly Stable With No Down Time

Being on top of everything happening in your event, even the smallest details, is a priority. Making sure that there’s no down time during the transition from one phase to the next is vital in keeping your virtual event afloat. TwoZero will make sure that each aspect of your virtual event is stable and supported by ensuring that the server capacity can accommodate the necessary load for all your guests.

Customizable and Flexible

Having the ability to personally apply changes to a virtually-hosted event can sound impossible at first. But TwoZero’s virtual events platform allows you and your team to make changes - even last-minute ones! - with just an admin dashboard. There’s absolutely no need for a developer and you are guaranteed instant content changes. You are given the flexibility to add or remove guest speakers, change schedules, and other revisions even on the day of your virtual event.

Super User-Friendly

One of the main objectives in running virtual events is usability and accessibility. This means making sure that your guests’ participation is enjoyable and convenient. 

TwoZero makes sure to create sites that are optimized for different devices and works on various browsers. Attendees can experience your virtual event any time, anywhere through their laptops, phones, tablets, or personal computers without any worries.

Built Ready For Turnover

With TwoZero, you will only have to wait 5 working days to see your actual live event website as opposed to the usual 2-3 month waiting time. The virtual events platform is ready-built and available so you can access the site and admin dashboard in a jiffy!

With your event goals in mind, planning and making sure that nothing is overlooked is convenient with an experienced virtual and hybrid events management platform. TwoZero Live will breeze you through organizing and executing your vision and give you the essentials needed to host successful virtual events.

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What is Next for Virtual Events?

We’re sure you’re wondering: Are virtual events here to stay? And our answer is this: Yes, they are. And they don’t necessarily have to be completely virtual.

Hybrid events combine on-ground and virtual events. This gives the users the ability to adjust from virtual to in-person events in as easy as a switch. This kind of integration future-proofs event organizers for live events and connects people through your events, no matter where they are in the world.

What’s the best virtual event platform in the Philippines?

TwoZero Live is a Virtual Events Platform based in the Philippines that can cater to virtual events, digital events, online events, and hybrid events for product launches, conventions, and tradeshows. TwoZero Live is where successful virtual events happen.

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