Carousell PH’s First-Ever Virtual Property Expo

Carousell Philippines, in partnership with TwoZero Live, hosted the FIRST online property event in the country.

What better way to boost the country’s top property and real estate companies than to host expos?

But with the pandemic still in our midst, how do you successfully (and safely!) bring together sellers and buyers all over the country? Carousell PH knew just what to do—and it’s to host an event in a virtual venue.

Carousell's Virtual Booth during Carousell PH's first ever online property expo.

Carousell Philippines brought together the country’s top real estate companies and property experts together for the biggest property expo. In the middle of the pandemic, too!

The online marketplace company hosted a virtual event last July 2021 to unite property sellers and buyers in one virtual venue as an opportunity for the real estate industry to boost their presence online.

Of course, every event has its objectives and being one of the biggest names in its industry, Carousell worked towards enhancing the presence of real estate in the Philippines while gaining a big number of potential customers. Suffice to say that an interactive and informative online event made for a successful project for Carousell Philippines.

Their partnership with TwoZero Live garnered positive feedback from the hosts and attendees alike, and the most notable feature that everyone enjoyed was the ability to ‘react’ and send emojis to convey how they felt in the moment. Attendees can see their reactions appear in real-time during programs and talks throughout the event period.

How We Were Able to Get the Clicks and Engagements during the Virtual Expo?

Virtual event lobby of Carousell PH's first ever online property expo.
Aboitiz Virtual Booth during Carousell PH's first ever online property expo.
TwoZero Live has made customer engagement a lot easier with ‘Inquire’ buttons situated in every virtual booth!

This is an important feature to add to sponsors’ booths because it not only provides potential clients to interact with their booth, but it’s also a way for buyers to send their inquiries.

Aside from this, games and photobooths can also be integrated into the online booth. Fun and interactive booths lead to longer time in the brand’s space, which eventually can lead to clicks!

All of these features tied together with virtual items inside the booth make an enjoyable experience, as people tend to interact with clickable items more than just looking at posters and brochures.

To top these all off, live notifications and announcements encourage participants to attend talks, join activities, and visit other booths.

How did we provide a Seamless Online Experience for all attendees?

Carousell Pages are embedded into the platform, a click can take you directly to the website, in-event! You don’t need to worry about loading time because there’s no down time and there won’t be a need to switch tabs and windows.

With quick loading rates, clicking digital brochures, website links and actions such as virtually viewing available Carousell Listings, the Carousell Profile Page, and even experiencing a 360-degree Virtual Tour of the Properties, while staying in the event is made possible inside TwoZero Platform.

What Makes It More Than Just A Webinar?

Who says virtual events can’t be felt? The fun digital expo venue is one to remember—you can explore and look around (literally!). It’s made to be immersive so that attendees will feel like they’re really there!

But it doesn’t stop there. These expos are not only great for visiting virtual booths, but they are also capable of having photobooths, as well as games and activities where you can win badge-based prizes!

TwoZero-Live-created tapping game during Carousell PH's first ever online property expo.

One of the timeless crowd favorites is the tapping game where the users’ goal is to tap as many elements as they can. These elements may be customized to brand logos or even simple items that are relevant to the event or organization. Photo Booths are also a fan favorite. Attendees can quickly snap photos and have them sent to their emails in a jiff. Activities like these keep your event interactive and fun!

Overall, Carousell’s momentous event was a hit to the guests and it was made possible by their incredible partnership with the virtual events platform—TwoZero Live. With the event being Carousell’s first online real estate event and its interactive talks, immersive virtual sales booths, and fun activities, Carousell and TwoZero Live surely made an impact in the real estate industry.

About TwoZero

TwoZero Live is a Virtual and Hybrid Events Platform based in the Philippines that can cater to virtual events, digital events, online events, and hybrid events for product launches, conventions, and tradeshows. Constantly evolving, TwoZero has developed more features that make virtual and hybrid events even more immersive.

Among these innovations, TwoZero Live can accommodate different brand/sponsor requirements, display statistics in an instant, and enable the new Add to Calendar feature that helps make attending online events more seamless.

TwoZero Live is where successful virtual and hybrid events happen.

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