2022 was an exciting year for events in the Philippines.
When lockdowns and restrictions were reduced to help the country’s economy and with more people going out, more brands also reconnected with their customers through in-person events - Carousell made sure not to miss out on this opportunity.

For this year’s property expo, Carousell decided to combine digital and in-person concepts into one event with TwoZero!
Here are some ways to level up your event like how Carousell did it for the 2022 Property Expo
Automate Your Event Tracking and Analytics
2-Way Scanning via Event Digital Passport

QR Scanning is the new norm. You see it being used for payments, for health checks and now, you can even use it for your events.

With TwoZero 2-Way Scanning, you can easily do the following:

No need to worry about getting event data and preparing a difficult post-event report using TwoZero’s real-time analytics.

Scanning is fast, easy to use, and can be accessed by anyone which makes it user-friendly for the guest and cost-efficient for event organizers.

TWOZERO Instant Lead Generation with QR Code Scanning.
TWOZERO Instant Feedback with Digital Form.
Incentivize Your Guests and Exhibitors
Instant Win Raffle

One of the best ways to get booth engagements is through freebies! Giving away gifts should be rewarding for your guests and easy for your team.

Let go of the stressful traditional roulette and level up with the TwoZero Instant Win experience.

With TwoZero Instant Win you can:
  • Have more opportunities to interact with guests.
  • Quickly generate leads without the need to manually write the contact details.
  • Monitor and control the quantity of your Raffle Randomizer freebies in real-time.
  • Instantly get new social media followers and feedback from guests.

Register, Scan, and Win! That is how seamless it is with TwoZero Instant Win Raffle! You can also set up multiple QR codes for different exhibitors with their branding and personalized content.

With our 2-Way Scanning & Instant Win, we were able to gather these stats and feedback that prove how efficient and valuable it is to have TwoZero as part of your events:

  • The most interesting parts of the event were the Developer Booths and Appliance Raffle Activity where we tracked booths' visits to be eligible for the raffle.
  • 94% of users rated the overall event as excellent.
  • 95% of users agreed to return to next year’s expo.
  • 100% of users will recommend the Expo to a friend or colleague.
Carousell x TWOZERO LIVE Instant Win
TwoZero Instant Win Prize

If you’re still not convinced, here’s what our partner, Carousell, have to say for their event with TwoZero

If you are interested in leveling up your next event, book a demo now so we can show you how.

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About TwoZero

TwoZero Live is an all-in-one Hybrid, Virtual, and In-person Events Platform based in the Philippines that can cater to hybrid events, virtual events, digital events, online events, and in-person events for product launches, corporate events, conventions, conferences, summits, expos, trade shows and more. TwoZero Live is where successful events happen.

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